Hello world!

One more blog.  Just what the world needs.  Or not.  Will I have deep thoughts to share?  Will I have information you can find no where else in the blog world?  Probably not, but maybe my odd little slant on the world will be a help to somebody, or at least mildly entertaining.  Or not.  🙂  With a blog you take your chances.

What credentials do I have to be writing a blog, anyway?  I’m not an expert on anything and I don’t like to talk just to hear my head rattle.

I grew up in the Missouri Ozarks a long time ago.  My part of the Ozarks was a place where folks worked hard and kept mostly to themselves.  They gladly went to worship their God, they loved their families, they were happy to help a neighbor, but they didn’t talk to the whole world about their own problems.  They just worked through whatever came at them.  If a situation was really bad, they asked for and accepted help from the good Lord, their family, maybe even a neighbor.  More often the neighbor offered without being asked.   All of that is to say: it goes against all my early upbringing to jabber out my thoughts to a world of strangers–or even to as many of them as will ever see these posts.

Even though I am far from the old home place, I am an Ozarker.  On the other hand, I am also a writer.  I write mysteries, mostly set in a fictional version of the Ozarks I knew as a kid.  Two stand-alone books are available now.  Three more (a cozy mystery series called “Fiddling With Murder”) will be coming out over the next twenty-one months.

Contrary to popular belief, getting a book accepted by a publisher and published does not mean the book will sell. Most writers also have to be sales people.  Now, it’s contrary to my whole psyche to ask somebody outright to buy my books.  Ozarkers in my day didn’t ask for help, remember.  So I look for alternate ways to get people interested.  Maybe blogging will be one of those ways.  Maybe not, but thanks to WordPress, it’s free to try.  (I appreciate it, guys!)

The question now is, what am I gonna write about?  I expect there’ll be some Ozarks stuff,  and of course information on the books, and maybe something about writing and an inspirational thought or two.  It’ll be as much a surprise to me as to you, so come on back and see what happens next in Mystery Hollow.  Oh, and if you feel like it, leave a comment to say howdy. 


About dhparker

Christian Missouri Ozarks native author of family-rated fiction
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  1. Allan says:

    Howdy. 🙂

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