Whatever happened to perma-pressed clothes?

I grew up in the age when we dried freshly-washed clothes outside, then had to iron the wrinkles out of them (except for overalls.  We used stretchers in those) before we would dare wear them.  (Does anybody remember the sprinkler–a soda bottle fitted with a gadget with little holes like a sprinkling can?)

Since we were also without benefit of air conditioning in summer, I was thrilled when perma-pressed clothing became available.  Now it seems to have mostly vanished.  WHY?

Has the process become too expensive?  I do sometimes see very expensive clothing that claims to be wrinkle free, but not stuff priced for normal people.  Does the process contain something that’s a hazard to our health?  (Believe me, ironing on a hot summer day without ac is hazardous to my health!)

Or is it just that wrinkles (except on skin) have become “fashionable”?  If that’s the case, again, why?  Is it an outcome of our deconstructed society?  Are we making the statment that we’re too relaxed to care about wrinkled clothes?  In that case, why not enjoy the wrinkles on our skin?

Is it a rebellion against the “restraints and restriction” of sharp creases and neatness–ranking right up there with hair “styles” that make us look like we’ve stuck our fingers into an electrical outlet or haven’t combed our hair in a month?

Is it part of the trend toward making our dress-up clothes look like underwear?  I don’t even want to get started on that rant.

Anyway, if there’s anybody out there who can tell me where the perma-press went, I would love to hear it.  And I would love to know how to get it back!  I have ac now, but I still don’t like to iron.  I like wearing wrinkles even less.



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2 Responses to Whatever happened to perma-pressed clothes?

  1. ana says:

    most 9 if not all permanent press clothes give off unhealthy formaldehyde gas , a probable carcinogen and skin irritant. If you google “permanent press formaldehyde”, you will feel glad that there is a trend for organic-fully wrinkly clothes 🙂

  2. dhparker says:

    Thanks, ana. I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on it. I’ll have to do some research. Formaldehyde exposure=not good. 🙂

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