Review for “Donovan’s Dream”

Ok, it’s bragging, but what are blogs for?  🙂


The April 28th post (see below) contains an interview with Donovan’s Dream  heroine, Alyssa (Lyssa) Winfield. 


Here’s the premise of this “fairy-tale mystery”:   

Alyssa Winfield grew up in the big city, but her heart stayed on her Grandad and Grandmom Donovan’s Ozarks farm.  After their deaths, she goes back to the farm they left her, but the peace she found there during her childhood has vanished.  Even Gabe Inglehardt, boy next door and once her very best friend, has some deep darkness troubling his soul now.


Lyssa and Gabe must untangle the farm’s haunting secret, and in the process discover the truth about each other.


Here’s what fellow Wings author, Wanda C. Keesey says about Donovan’s DreamDHParker’s rich descriptions and deep emotions will put you in Alyssa’s world.  You will hear the haunting fiddle music, see and feel the falling snow, and feel her concern for Gabe.  Be prepared for surprises, and ride the wave of time and tunes.

–Wanda C. Keesey, author of Lost in the Mist


By the way, if you enjoy time travel and studies in the Civil War, read Wanda’s book, Lost in the Mist, which is available from  Click on “Author Search” to find her.



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