Links to Bible Study and Christian Edification

If you’re interested in Christianity, and not yet a Christian, or if you just would like a good, back-to-basics Bible study, try these free courses:

Bible correspondence lessons in several languages:                                 World Bible School                                 Escuela Biblica Mundail                    Cours Bibliques

Here are some links that can help us grow in our Christian life:  “Forthright is published by a group of friends, who believe in the power of the written word, for people who want to go straight to the Cross of Christ. The daily e-zine is published online and by email, with original content not available elsewhere on the Internet.”  In Search of the Lord’s Way:  Bible lessons in audio, video and transcript; plus much more.  You may have seen this program on television.  Emphasis is on discovering what the Bible says about various topics. Gospel Broadcasting Network.  If your cable or satelite tv company doesn’t provide this channel, you can watch on your computer from this site.  Programs for all ages and on many Bible topics. “Support, Encouragement, and much more for Christian Sisters! We are primarily members of the Church of Christ, however all women are welcome!”   This board hasn’t seen much action recently, but would be good if we could get more participation.


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Christian Missouri Ozarks native author of family-rated fiction
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