For Mystery Writers

The Mystery Writers Forum

As a mystery writer, this is my all time favorite place to go for information, encouragement and interaction with other writers.  Though it’s been quiet here lately, this group is friendly, kind, supportive–and loves to answer all kinds of questions.  We have some real experts in several fields that relate to mysteries.

I’ve never met any of the regular members personally, but they all feel like friends and neighbors.  Some of our members write cozies, some write noir.  Whatever your favorite flavor in mysteries, probably somebody on the board is working on one in that sub-genre.

Some of our writers are beginners, some are multi-published.  MWF has been around for over nine years.  In that time several members have gone from beginning writer to published writer.

Also on the welcome page of the site, there is a link to resources for mystery writers.  It’s an amazing collection of places to go for further information on writing and just about any topic that pertains to mystery.

Come on over and make yourself at home.  Tell us a little about yourself as a writer.  Ask a question about your work in progress.  Answer somebody else’s question.  Hope to see you there.


About dhparker

Christian Missouri Ozarks native author of family-rated fiction
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