Taking Nominations

I would very much like to compile a list of fiction that is entirely family and Christian friendly.  It seems to be in short supply, or else my definition of those terms is much different from other people’s definitons.

I’ll explain my definiton, although these things are not in any particular order of importance.  It’ll take the whole combination to get them on my list.

1.  If it calls itself “Christian” fiction, no unbiblical teaching about salvation.  (When people in the first century asked how to be saved, nobody told them to repeat the sinner’s prayer.  That is not in the Bible anywhere that I can find.  If you can give me a chapter and verse for it, please contact me.)

2.  No “steamy romance” or sexual innuendo.  (Nothing more than G-rated in the romance line.)

3.  No graphic violence.

4.  No profanity or obscenities, or even euphemisms for profanity or obscenities.  Certainly no “OMG”, unless it’s truly a reverent prayer.  (Sometimes these words slip by me at first reading, and I’m surprised when I read the book again and find them there.  I think I have an internal censor which automatically blanks them out for me as I’m reading.)

5.  The viewpoint character must be moral, and the New Testament gets to define morality.

6.  The viewpoint character must be respectful of God and Christianity, even if he or she is not a Christian.

7.  And of course, it should be good writing and a good story.

It would be a special bonus if the author is a New Testament Christian, but that’s not a requirement if the book fits the other criteria.

There you have it.  Any nominations for my list?


About dhparker

Christian Missouri Ozarks native author of family-rated fiction
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4 Responses to Taking Nominations

  1. thepunnery says:

    Madeleine L’Engle–
    You may put her on the list–oh, you’ve GOT her on the list. But she never should be missed, she never should be missed….

  2. dhparker says:

    🙂 Thank you (and Mr. Sullivan). Yep. Love the L’Engle books, most of them.

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