Political Thoughts (Thanks, Anita!)

On her Facebook page, one of my friends announced that she likes:  “people who cling to God, family, guns….”  She added “and horses” because she loves her horses.  She made me think.

That kind of people (with God’s blessing and along with their horses in the early days) built the United States, made it free and kept it strong.  If the U.S. is to survive as a free country, that same kind of people–those who rely on God and family instead of government, who have a strong work ethic and a pioneer spirit–will be the ones (again with God’s blessing) who keep it that way.

Freedom will cease to exist when a majority of our citizens buy into the victim mentality, demand a nanny state to take care of them, and vote in the people who will make it happen.  I pray this election won’t be the tipping point.  As I stated in my July 14th post, let’s THINK before we vote.  Let’s use some logic and study history to see where these vague, media-lauded changes will take our country.  And if you are one of us people who still clings to God, pray, pray, pray.


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2 Responses to Political Thoughts (Thanks, Anita!)

  1. Anita says:

    Thanks, Donna. This is so true. It frightens me how many people just do not see this. I have been praying about it a lot, because frankly, I’m scared to death of where this country is heading. However, I know that God is always in control and he can use all people, even evil ones, to ultimately carry out His will. I do pray that we Christians can take this country back!
    By the way, I’m loving your blogs! I’m going to “Bookmark” you blog site!”
    And yes, let’s continue to pray, pray, pray!

  2. thepunnery says:

    Believe a career civil servant when he says: don’t trust the government to fix all your problems. 🙂

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