Introducing The Punnery

Since I introduced the Bean Counter, I decided it was only fair to introduce the rest of the people on my Blog Roll. Today’s spotlight is on…

[Drum roll and fanfare]

The Punnery

I’ve known the brain behind these two sites (The Punnery and The Punnery’s Commentary) for as long as it’s been on this earth. In other words, that’s my son! But, I hasten to admit that the punniness came from the Parker side of the family, not mine. It was passed down from grandfather to father to son. I suspect it went back farther in the family. There were those three great-uncles…

Anyway, if you like puns, parodies and odd ways with words, you should check out the website. In this day where the news is full of politics (or if you’ve ever worked for the Government), be sure to read “New Research on ‘Governmentium'”.

The commentary contains some more serious stuff, but is liberally sprinkled with that same sense of humor. Both are family-rated.

Good stuff. Do I have to say I’m proud of my son? Actually, I’m proud of both of them, but only one has websites I can brag on here.



About dhparker

Christian Missouri Ozarks native author of family-rated fiction
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