And now, a book about words…

Am I hung up on words and how to use them?  Well, yes.  I am a writer.  I’m more writer than speaker, but far more words are spoken each day than written.  Too many of the billions-per-day words that come out of human mouths are hurtful words.

Enter this book:  Sticks and Stones: A Study of Hurtful Words and Helpful Remedies by Jeff Abrams.  Jeff is a gospel preacher, so the book is written totally from a Christian viewpoint.  The Bible has much to say about the use of words.  In the beginning, God spoke our universe into being.  “And God said, ‘Light is to be.’  And light proceeded to be.”  [translation by Hugo McCord.]

Only two chapters later we find words being misused.  The use of words is an old topic.  As old as it is, though, Jeff’s fresh treatment of it–including some light moments–help emphasize the continuing deadly seriousness of it.

Grab a copy of Sticks and Stones and meet some “blabaholics” (and learn how NOT to be one). Learn the difference between “chocolate words” and “broccoli words”. Learn the best response when somebody says, “I’ve got to tell somebody about this!” Learn how God expects us to use His great gift of words.

From the “Welcome (With a Warning)” beginning to the final chapter concerning “Your Tongue on Judgment Day” this book is written in a way that’s easy to read, hard to put down. It contains a discussion and study guide and would make excellent Bible class material for any group of teens or adults.

If all of us read and acted on the lessons in Jeff Abrams’ Sticks and Stones, the world would be a better place.

Sticks and Stones is now available from and is also available in paper and for Kindle from Amazon.   Go over and take a look at it, and at the other comments and reviews, then do yourself–and the world–a favor and buy a copy.


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