I wish I knew “Whodunit”

Almost halfway into the first draft of my next “Fiddling With Murder” book, I still don’t know for sure the identity of the murderer.

See what problems the inability to outline causes! (Trying to convince my ornery inner writer here.)   I’ve said before that I’ve tried all kinds of “methods” to outline a novel, but none of them works for me.  Either I have a weird brain or a great lack of self-discipline.  Whatever the cause, I start a book with a vague idea of its main point and a fair amount of certainty about where it will end.  That’s it.

I must admit, this one is coming a bit differently than some of the others.  I’m getting scenes that aren’t in chronological order.  (The challenge will be to put them together in a way that makes sense and doesn’t bore the reader to death.)

But I still don’t know who pulled the trigger of the gun in the first scene.   Will I figure it out before Danny and Constancy do?  I sure hope so!


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Christian Missouri Ozarks native author of family-rated fiction
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One Response to I wish I knew “Whodunit”

  1. Of course you will figure it out. You know where you are going, you just don’t know which route you will be taking. I can sympathize! 😉 Have you tried story boarding with your scenes you have already written. There may to be some clues in there, maybe??????

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