Thanksgiving Day or Turkey Day?

Which do we celebrate?

It makes me sad that the one day of the year our country set aside for giving thanks has degenerated into orgies of overeating and football games and shopping, with rarely a mention or thought of giving thanks.  Even the name is changing.  “Turkey day”?  What?  We’re turning the day into a day to honor the turkey?

But I guess it’s only to be expected.  When humanism trumps theism in people’s minds, the One responsible for all of our blessings is booted out.  Why would people give thanks to a being they refuse to believe in.  What a sad, sad state of affairs for our country and for each individual who is suffering from that delusion.  When a soul refuses to acknowledge God and thank Him for blessings given, what hope does that soul have?

For Christians, everyday should be a day of giving thanks.  On Thanksgiving day we get to focus even more deeply on our blessings and the Source of them.  Enjoy the day.  Enjoy the feast and the fellowship.  Those were part of the original day of Thanksgiving that our forefathers celebrated.  Enjoy the football (even if the Pilgrims never heard of it).  But let’s don’t forget the reason for the day and the reason for our hope of an even better life beyond this one.

Let’s don’t celebrate “Turkey Day”.  Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving Day.


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Christian Missouri Ozarks native author of family-rated fiction
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