Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee–How Much Do You Know?

I’m reposting this because it’s great fun, as well as being informative. Go to Thepunnery’s blog for more fun posts, including many (of course) punny ones.

Diamond Jubilee Quiz

Okay, I admit it:  one of my long-time hobbies is the study of British history.  Indeed, long-time readers of  this blog may not find this much of a surprise, considering some of my News Flashes.  So perhaps it’s not too far out of character to post something coinciding with this weekend’s celebrations of the Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.

The question of what to post touches on another hobby:  geneology.

Today for your amusement I have a list of twenty English monarchs, of varying levels of fame, in order of their appearance.  (I have to specify English monarchs, since numbering gets tricky after 1707.)  Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to identify which ones are in the current royal family’s direct lineage.

Or you can skip to the bottom to look at the answers.   You might find it interesting.

So here we go:

  1. Harold II Godwinson (1066)
  2. William I the Conquerer (1066-1087)
  3. Richard I the Lionhart (1189-1199) –of Robin Hood fame
  4. John (1199-1215) –…likewise
  5. Edward I (1272-1307) –of William Wallace fame
  6. Richard II (1377-1399) –of Peasants’ Revolt fame
  7. Henry IV (1399-1413) –who provoked the Wars of the Roses (in a way)
  8. Henry V (1413-1422) –Shakespeare’s classic hero
  9. Richard III (1483-1485) –Shakespeare’s classic villain
  10. Henry VII (1485-1509) –who finished the Wars of the Roses
  11. Henry VIII (1509-1547) –of Six Wives fame
  12. Mary I (1553-1558) — who had a boat named after her
  13. Elizabeth I (1558-1603) –…likewise
  14. James I (1603-1625) –of Bible Translation fame
  15. Charles I (1625-1649) –of whom Cromwell took a dislike
  16. James II (1685-1688) –whose subjects were Gloriously Revolting
  17. Anne (1702-1714) — has three plants named after her
  18. George I (1714-1727) –famous for employing G. F. Handel
  19. George III (1760-1820) –famous (over here) for…well, you know
  20. Victoria (1837-1901) –famous for not being amused

And here are the answers, as far as I know them.  I admit my knowledge is incomplete on the subject; if you have information on some obscure connection that I don’t know about, please post with the details.

1:  Nán (that’s “no” in Anglo-Saxon…I think).  2: Oui.  3: Non.  4: Oui.  5: Yea.  6: Nay.  7: Nay.  8:  No, but his widow is:  she remarried into the Tudor family (yes, those Tudors). 9. Nay.  10.  Cywir (that’s Welsh for “true,” by the way). 11: Yea.  12:  Nay.  13.  Still nay.  14:  Aye.  15:  No.  16:  No.  17:  Still no.  18:  Ja.  19:  Yes.  20:  Well, of course….


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