Danny’s Tune

Available now in trade paperback and various ebook formats from Wings. Also available for Nook and Kindle.


“Going home to Ireland is just what Danny Egan needs in order to face his past. Will he find release from the nightmares that haunt him? With his wife, Constancy, by his side, Danny returns to his hometown. Reuniting with family and friends, he begins seeking answers that have eluded him since he witnessed his father’s murder when he was ten years old. Donna H. Parker skillfully captures all of his emotions as he struggles to exorcise the ghosts that have haunted him since he was a child. For those of us who have followed Danny and Constancy from the beginning in Constancy’s Waltz, this is another excellent rendering from the pen of Mrs. Parker.”   –Gail Hutchison, Elementary school librarian, avid reader

“Donna H. Parker has done it again! In this continuing story of Constancy and Danny the reader travels to Ireland, a land of lush green grass and crashing seas, to solve a mystery of years ago. Woven into this charming tale with affable characters is a web of deceit and of a murder that threatens to undercut the happiness of a couple who are very much in love. Will Danny solve the murder of his father and if so, will the knowing end his nightmares and strengthen his marriage? Danny’s Tune is a book you won’t want to put down.”   –Jeannine Van Eperen, award winning author of Trail to Bliss, Rose of the Rio Grande and No Escape from Love

“Ms. Parker’s Danny’s Tune is a great cozy to while away an afternoon. Her mystery leaves no stone unturned. Ms. Parker drops hints, then answers them as the story unfolds. She weaves a story of Danny, who as a child is witness to his father’s brutal murder. With a supportive family, he pulls together clues after the case has gone cold, and while the mystery builds and tantalizes, we see Danny undergo a healing that warms our hearts. For a great read, see Donna H. Parker’s Danny’s Tune.”    –Review by Katherine Pym, author of several historical novels including Of Carrion Feathers, a Wings ePress, release


About dhparker

Christian Missouri Ozarks native author of family-rated fiction
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