A Few Random Thoughts on Political Stuff

How many jobs will be lost if “big business” is destroyed?  How many store shelves will still have items for us to buy if “big business” is destroyed?

If government increases taxes (and regulations) on “the rich” to the point that they become “the poor” (or leave the country), who is going to pay for all those government “entitlements”?

Why would anybody keep working if government is going to take all we earn?  What if everybody decides to quit working and rely on “entitlements”?  Do we really believe “the Government”, in and of itself, has the money to support us all?

Is there anybody with even a grain of common sense who believes unlimited borrowing and spending will make this country solvent?  If it doesn’t work for individuals, it won’t work for the country.

How long can we sidestep or ignore our constitution before we cease to be a country?  Maybe just until we finish spending ourselves to death.

What if the children our country aborts today could have, in the next thirty or forty years, made all the difference for good in our sad, sick world?

How can we be so eager to save certain species of animals and so eager to destroy pre-born humans?  I saw a photo of a woman protesting for abortion-rights.  She carried a slogan that said, “My body shouldn’t be a battlefield”.  Is it better that it becomes a killing field?

“You can’t legislate morals.”  Really?  Do we just strike down all laws against murder (at any age), assault, theft, and all the rest and let everybody do just as they like?  That’s called anarchy, I think.  Look around.  Some places in the world operate that way.  See if NOT legislating morals is as wonderful as it sounds.

Think before you vote–while you still have the privilege of choosing.


About dhparker

Christian Missouri Ozarks native author of family-rated fiction
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