The “Fiddling With Murder” Mystery Series

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CONSTANCY’S WALTZ, book one.  Constancy Grace Stafford never lived up to her middle name, but stumbling over a corpse turns into her worst trip ever.  Danny Egan, town cop and master fiddler, defies a direct order to stay off the case.  Only he knows how much this waltz with danger could ultimately cost him.

DARK DIAMOND REEL, book two.  Constancy’s recent losses have shaken her.  Even her engagement to diamond magnate, Zared Fraser, hasn’t helped her recover.  Officer Danny Egan thinks he never wants to see Constancy again.  Then a frantic S.O.S. proves him wrong and tumbles them both into a deadly reel that will change both their lives forever.

FIDDLER’S LAMENT, book three.  Constancy Grace Stafford, fed up with murder, dreams of living a normal, peaceful life.  But death at a music show, the clammy darkness of an unmapped Ozarks cave system, and a desperate fiddler’s lament threaten to destroy that dream–and the two most precious people in her life.

JIG OF BONES, book four.  Constancy always dreamed of celebrating Christmas surrounded by a large family.  She’s thrilled for the opportunity to savor the holiday with her newly-found relatives in South Dakota, but a gang of fossil rustlers and the secrets of a missing shepherd may turn Constancy’s long-awaited dream into a nightmare.

DANNY’S TUNE, book five.  Irish ghosts come in many forms. Danny's Tune cover finalThe murderous one that has haunted Danny Egan from childhood may not even be dead. Constancy knows they can’t avoid Danny’s past while they’re in Ireland. She prays the encounter will bring healing, because if it goes bad, the result could forever silence Danny’s tune.


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Christian Missouri Ozarks native author of family-rated fiction
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