The “Fairy-Tale Mysteries”

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SONG OF HEALING: The Man from th e Sea is in the legend, in the prophesy, in little Sarah Macneill’s heart–until the traumatic reality of growing up buries her beloved fantasy.

Will the unexpected and unwanted resurrection of things past lead the adult Sarah to destruction or to her Song of Healing?

DULLAHAN MOUNTAIN BREAKDOWN:Dullahan Mountain Breakdown At age seven, when Maura Tasgall saw her parents murdered, she gave up on happy endings.  Now, if she stays alive long enough to unearth the evil that killed them, she may find justice and closure, but still no happy ending–not unless her mother’s fairy tales weren’t fiction.

DONOVAN’S DREAM : On ce upon a time young Gabe befriended the neighbor’s lonely little granddaughter, Lyssa, and enchanted her with fiddle music and tales of elves.  Now death has given Lyssa her grandparents’ farm.  Death may strike again unless Gabe and Lyssa can untangle the farm’s haunting secrets and Gabe’s own dark dreams.

THE CAMERON CONNECTIONThe Cameron Connection:  A fierce stranger materializes in Robert Bruce Cameron’s kitchen wall.  Ghost?  Time traveler? Or worse?  The stranger, the invisible girl, the Stone of Choosing…. Some weird danger is threatening Sheehan, Missouri.  Robert B. and his friend, Clem, must stop it before the whole Cameron clan is zapped out of existence.


About dhparker

Christian Missouri Ozarks native author of family-rated fiction
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