Constancy’s Waltz

Book One in the “Fiddling With Murder” cozy mystery series

copyright 2008


Constancy Grace Stafford never lived up to her middle name, but stumbling over a corpse turns into her worst trip ever.  Danny Egan, town cop and master fiddler, defies a direct order to stay off the case.  Only he knows how much this waltz with danger could ultimately cost him.

(This is a cozy mystery with a New Testament Christian slant.  No profanity, no “steamy” romance, no CBA restrictions.  Oh, and no dancing.  🙂  The title refers to a fiddle tune of the same name.)


Donna Parker introduces you to her main character, Constancy, an unassuming elementary school teacher, who quite accidentally falls into things she never expected, like mystery, intrigue, and romance. Donna weaves Christian principles throughout Constancy’s Waltz.  Once I started reading, I could not put it down. If you want a clean, yet captivating and entertaining book of romance, Constancy’s Waltz is perfect reading!

 –Teresa Hampton, author

Leading Ladies, Come to the Garden 


 “This is a relatively gentle mystery, and I am loving it.  The main characters are dears, and there is enough suspense to make this one hard to put down.”

                   —Radine Trees Nehring, author 


“Mystery lovers and romance lovers alike will fall in love with CONSTANCY’S WALTZ. It’s a book for the keeper shelf.”

                     —Laura V. Hilton, author


2 Responses to Constancy’s Waltz

  1. Amanda says:

    I am curious – what does “no CBA restrictions” mean?

  2. dhparker says:

    Hi, Amanda. CBA or the Christian Booksellers Association is the major distributor for “Christian” bookstores. The publishers who deal with them have certain restrictions on what their authors’ books can contain. For instance, they don’t want what they consider doctrinal stuff, that is, stuff that doesn’t agree with their doctrine. It’s ok to talk about the sinner’s prayer in your fiction, for instance, but to talk about baptism as the place where God applies the blood of Jesus and washes away our sin is taboo. I don’t know if you’ve seen this entry: This topic is discussed a little more in that post.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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