Dullahan Mountain Breakdown

   At age seven, when Maura Tasgall saw her parents murdered, she gave up on happy endings.  Now, if she stays alive long enough to unearth the evil that killed them, she may find justice and closure, but still no happy ending–not unless her mother’s fairy tales weren’t fiction.

Read an excerpt here.

Available in paperback and various e-reader formats from the publisher:  Wings e-Press (best prices)  and Amazon: kindle version or paperback


[Breakdown] begins with the protagonist, a young woman, looking for answers and yes, revenge, against a community that she believes tore her family apart and led to the death of her parents when she was a child. The plot has all the elements you’d expect in a mystery with quite a bit of fun added by the fantasy/magical aspects. The story is inventive and the characters come across as so real, even their quirks don’t strain your belief.

The author took me right into the beautiful mountain locale and added just enough evil to keep me reading but not enough to turn me off–I’m not a fan of horror or gore. I don’t wish to give away the plot so I won’t go further than this, but readers of either genre, mystery or fantasy, will enjoy this book.

Mickey Hoffman, author


In my view, the test of a successful science-fiction or fantasy novel is simple. Can I believe in the world created by the writer?  Do the fantasy elements ring true?  To both of these questions, when applied to D. H. Parker’s Dullahan Mountain Breakdown, my answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Maura has always been convinced that her mother was murdered and the killer, never punished for the crime, is alive and well in Amberwell, planning to kill again.  Maura has a plan of her own:  To unmask this murderer.

Dullahan Mountain Breakdown is a rare enchanting fantasy novel.  For all its darkness, it works its way to a redeeming brightness, rather like a shine of fairy gold.

Dorothy Bodoin, author


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