Fiddler’s Lament

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Homicides ought to be rare in tranquil Fraser County, Missouri, but in the past six months, Constancy Grace Stafford (who never did fit her middle name) has stumbled right into three of them.  The last time nearly killed her, and she’s sick and tired of murder.  All she wants now is to enjoy her long overdue reconciliation with her mother, marry her beloved Danny, and live happily and peacefully for the next seventy-five years or so–without encountering any more corpses or murderers.

It may not happen.  A former classmate desperate for his own reconciliations, a fatal interruption in the Fraser County Historical Society’s annual bluegrass concert fundraiser, and the clammy darkness of an unmapped, but occupied, Ozarks cave system test Constancy’s faith and threaten to destroy her cherished dreams before she can even start living them.



            “D. H. Parker has crafted a fast-paced tale of mystery and intrigue that will keep you guessing as Constancy and her fiancé, Danny, try to help a long-lost friend in his hour of need. It is seldom we see faith interlaced into such well-told mysteries such as this, but Ms. Parker has found the perfect balance of faith and nitty-gritty action.”

–Wilburta Arrowood, Ladies speaker and author,

             “D. H. Parker has written another spine-tingling page-turner with her newest book, Fiddler’s Lament. If you like mysteries, you will not want to miss any of D. H. Parker’s thrilling stories. She is a very talented author, and I am looking forward to reading many more books authored by her.  Fiddler’s Lament is the continuation of D. H. Parker’s first two stories, but it easily stands alone. I was instantly engaged in the story line and I had to keep reading to find out what would happen next. Don’t miss Fiddler’s  Lament or any of D. H. Parker’s books.”

–Laura V. Hilton, book reviewer, and author of Hot Chocolate  

            “D.H. Parker’s Fiddler’s Lament is everything you could wish for in a cozy mystery!  Parker’s characters are likeable and believable.  Her setting is fun, adding an extra dimension of enjoyment to the story.  Put that all together with a well-thought-out plot, and it’s a big dose of good entertainment.

–Christine Lynxwiler, Jan Reynolds and Sandy Gaskin, authors


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