Jig of Bones

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“It doesn’t take much to turn fine dreams into nightmares.” Constancy Egan’s seat-mate on the flight to Grandpa George Fraser’s ranch would make a perfect Santa–except for his icy eyes and those discouraging words. All her life Constancy has dreamed of celebrating a Christmas gift-wrapped in layer upon layer of precious family. She’s determined to enjoy every minute of this first Christmas with her newly-found relatives, but the man’s pronouncement comes back to haunt her when a secretive shepherd goes missing and fossil rustlers threaten to shatter the joy of Constancy’s long-awaited family Christmas.


Donna H. Parker has another winner.  One would have to hate books not to enjoy Jig of Bones!  This cleverly written cozy, about Constancy’s large family on a South Dakota ranch, is filled with mystery, love, family relationships and a dog named Beast, who often steals the show.  Not only is this book a page turner–it answers questions from Constancy’s tangled past.  This book is a must read for mystery lovers everywhere.

Lynette Hall Hampton, author  http://www.lynettehallhampton.net

When Constancy Egan leaves her Ozarks home to visit long lost relatives in South Dakota at Christmas, she didn’t expect to run into a villainous Santa, nor did she expect her life to be in danger.  Who would have dreamed a canyon with a few old fossils would endanger not only her, but several of her new-found family?

Donna H. Parker has crafted another page-turner that is sure to intrigue the mystery fan and evoke plenty of warm fuzzies for those who love to get to know the characters on an intimate basis.

Wilburta Arrowood, ladies speaker and author http://www.wilburtaarrowood.com



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