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Truth and Consequences

Used by permission from Forthright Magazine (forthright.net). Copyright © 2013 by Stan Mitchell “I am the way, the truth and the life” (John 14:6). We live in a time when truth should be up with the whales and bald eagles … Continue reading

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Communication is a Two-Way Street

Many people pray.  Sometimes in times of danger or dispair,  even a non-believer will pray…  just in case.  How can we expect God to listen to us when we don’t listen to Him?  No, in this day He doesn’t talk to … Continue reading

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“Honor everyone.” …What?!?

I read I Peter 2 in my daily Bible reading last week.  I’ve probably read it hundreds of times during my life.  How come this never soaked in before?  I always saw “honor the king”.  I saw “love the brotherhood”.  … Continue reading

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Links to Bible Study and Christian Edification

If you’re interested in Christianity, and not yet a Christian, or if you just would like a good, back-to-basics Bible study, try these free courses: Bible correspondence lessons in several languages:                                         http://www.wbschool.org/  World Bible School                                         http://espanol.wbschool.org/  Escuela Biblica Mundail                            http://www.egliseduchrist-strasbourg.com/cours_biblique.shtml Continue reading

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