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Interview with Lyssa Winfield (character from DONOVAN’S DREAM)

West Springs, Missouri.  An interview with new resident, Lyssa Winfield, by West Springs Gazette reporter, Sue White. SUE:  Your story is set close to our town of West Springs here in the Missouri Ozarks. LYSSA:  My life is set in … Continue reading

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Comments on “The Cameron Connection”

Thomas A. Cameron is the North American Commissioner for Clan Cameron.  Here are his thoughts on The Cameron Connection: Only rarely is an author able to capture both pride in heritage and intriguing action within the same work.  D.H. Parker … Continue reading

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Three Reviews for FIDDLER’S LAMENT

It’s beginning to look like this blog is becoming nothing more than advertising for FIDDLER’S LAMENT.  Small publishers can’t afford big bucks for advertising–especially with authors whose names aren’t well known.  So, I get to pester my friends and readers.  … Continue reading

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Have you seen the Ozarks? a photo essay

[special note: photos by Neal B. Parker.  All rights reserved.] The characters in CONSTANCY’S WALTZ live in a fictional town in the Missouri Ozarks.  If you’ve never seen the real Ozarks, Constancy and I think you should plan a visit.  … Continue reading

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Autumn Fever

Most people get spring fever.  I get autumn fever.  Same symptoms, different time of year.  Ok.  I admit I’m weird. Autumn always has been my favorite season.  Walking among trees full of florescent scarlet and orange, or deep, warm gold and garnet takes … Continue reading

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Links to the Missouri Ozarks

Maybe absence does make the heart grow fonder.  Maybe that’s why I set most of my stories in the Missouri Ozarks.  I was always a bookworm and from the time I began to read about the outside world, my main … Continue reading

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Are the Missouri Ozarks still spooky?

Once upon a time, living far from my native Ozarks and feeling homesick, I found a book about Missouri in the local library.  Sadly, I can’t remember either the name of the book or its author, but one sentence in … Continue reading

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Hello world!

One more blog.  Just what the world needs.  Or not.  Will I have deep thoughts to share?  Will I have information you can find no where else in the blog world?  Probably not, but maybe my odd little slant on … Continue reading

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